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When I started carving eggs there was very little information available about the art form.  I had to figure things out for myself by trial and error.  Over many years I gathered bits of knowledge, tips and tricks, from my own experience and from others I have met along the way.  Now all of this information is gathered for you in my publications:

tes-01.jpg"The Eggshell Sculptor Magazine" - for all you egg carvers that crave information, patterns, tips and tricks. Downloadable by year.

tescds2sm.jpg"The Eggshell Sculptor Magazine - All Ten Years - on CD" - The best deal for your dollar!  Save some money and get the full set!  All ten years on CD.

tes-01.jpg"The Eggshell Sculptor Magazine for Beginners Set" - a downloadable set containing issues that will jumpstart the process for beginners.

tes-01.jpg"The Eggshell Artist Magazine" - for all you egg decorators out there!  Downloadable by year.

Each set has a listing of its contents on the product page.  Click on each magazine to see a full listing of all of the publications of that magazine.  I hope my research will prove helpful to those out there eager to expand their knowledge of this wonderful and intoxicating art form.

Thanks and happy egging!



Gary LeMaster


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